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Mapmaking 101

Welcome to The Art of Mapmaking. This section contains articles to help you create and design the best maps for Stronghold.

The Map Editor

The Stronghold editor, by Inquizative*
The editor: Crusader style, by thurdl*

How-to Articles:

To Waterfall design, by Inquizative*
To Fountain basics, by Kester*
To Stone bridge design, by thurdl*
To Wooden platform bridges, by Kester*
To Wooden steps tutorial, by NAT*
To Attach a drawbridge to anything, by NAT*
To The many uses of stairs, by Ztolk*
To "Palistone" walls, by Irish Stag
To Stone walls with wooden spikes, by NAT*
To The Magic Box, by NAT*, from an idea by Lord Yoshi
To Lowering walls, by NAT*
To Lowering walls, pt. 2, by Kester*
To Secret Passages and Caves, by Kolja Silvani
To Secret Passages and Caves, Part 2, by Kolja Silvani
To Secret Passages and Caves, Part 3, by Kolja Silvani
To Using Events, by Ztolk*
To Adding a picture to your map, by Bismuth
To Design your own Shield (Crusader MP), by Ztolk*
To Raising moat without leaving artefacts, by Warlord_Designs
To Create a 3x3 Magic Eraser, by Warlord_Designs
To Change Troop Colour with a Hexadecimal Editor, by Warlord_Designs
To Permanent Fire Arrows, by Warlord_Designs
To Making Well Workers Fetch Water From Rivers, by Monkcrazy5
To Invisible Units, by Synyster
To Lowering the Keep Door, by AZ ViTrAzhAs
To Attaching Flags to Anything, by AZ ViTrAzhAs

Essays on Mapmaking:

To First and Last, by thurdl*
To Balancing Invasion Maps, by dave_lf, with comments from Captain Tylor
To Ecosystems 101, by meh um yeah
To Simple vs. Complex, an opinion article on map design, by Lollard
To Designer Twenty Questions, by lord_yoshi, answers from various authors

Spotlight on Design

This section highlights creative, unique, and good elements of design in maps that are available for download.
To #1 Creative Bridges, by Kester*
To #2 Ruins, by Kester*
To #3 Coastlines, by Kester*
To #4 Ships, by Kester*
To #5 Stones, by Kester*
To #6 Fountains, by Kester*
To #7 Irrigation, by Kester*
To #8 Lowering Walls, co-authored by NAT* and Kester*
To #9 Concealment, by Kester*
To #10 Horse Races, by Kester*
To #11 Monasteries, by Stratego
To #12 Dams and Water Towers, by Arn de Gothia
To #13 Marshes and Fords, by Kester*
To #14 Towns and Cities, by Stratego
To #15 Docks, by NAT*
To #16 Natural Roads, by Kester*
To #17 Historic Castles, by Duke of York
To #18 Stronghold Crusader Design - Deserts and Oases, by NAT*
To #19 Waterfalls, by Lady Arcola
To #20 Stadiums, by Kester*
To #21 Mountainous Terrain, by NAT*
To #22 Shrubbery and Vegetation, by NAT*