Mapmaking 101 – Wooden Platform Bridges


Wooden platforms can be altered to create bridges. Here is how to do it:

Step 1 – Begin by placing a wooden wall next to where you want to place the bridge.

Step 2 – Place a wooden platform next to the wall. This technique has to be done right to left, due to the location of the stairs in the platform.

Step 3 – Place a stone tower over the stairs.

This is a flattened view of Step 3.

Step 4 – Delete the tower. The platform and the remaining stairs on the side can be seen.

Step 5 – Place another stone tower on the side stairs.

Flattened view of Step 5.

Step 6 – Delete the tower. The platform will remain.

Step 7 – Place another wooden platform next to the first one, and repeat the process of placing the tower on the stairs and deleting it.

Step 8 – Repeat the process until the bridge is the length you desire.

Step 9 – Delete the wall on the side of the bridge.

Step 10 – Finish off your bridge with a way to get on and off! This picture shows a complete wooden platform on one end, and a partial platform with heightened terrain on the other. Be sure to send an archer or other troop over the bridge in both directions to make sure it can be traversed!

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