Magic Box Tutorial

A design originally thought of by Lord Yoshi, the magic box is an excellent little design feature.

Step 1. Place wooden wall as shown in the example making sure that the gap between the two parallel walls is smaller than the length of a wooden gatehouse.

Step 2. Build a gatehouse over the wooden wall at the end of the U and delete any extra palisade wall, but do not delete the 3 pieces of wooden wall either side of the gate, that will cause the whole gate to be destroyed.

Step 3. Place towers over the wooden walls to either side of the gatehouse.

Step 4. Delete the two towers and the finished magic box is there to be seen. It still operates exactly the same as a normal wooden gatehouse.

This picture designed by Lollard shows how the magic box can be used in a map. Sometimes a more simple gate looks much more effective and can be used in much smaller spaces.


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