Attach a drawbridge to anything

Drawbridges do not have to simply be attached to stone gatehouses but they can actually be attached to any building or piece of terrain.This neat eye candy trick is explained below:

1. Build a simple stone gatehouse and drawbridge.

2. Erase the gatehouse using the terrain erase not the normal building delete function leaving the gatehouse hanging by itself.

You can then place any building or even terrian next to the drawbridge.The drawbridge is still perfectly fuctional even without the gate.
I prepared these two pictures earlier showing two alternative uses of drawbridges. The first one I have simply used stone wall and for the second I have replaced the stone gatehouse with a wooden one.

In this final screenshot theKman01 has built a stone barn with a drawbridge lifted up to act as a door. This is just another example of what can be done with this eye candy trick.


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