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3x3 Magic Eraser

This is by far the most simple magic eraser to create and use, I stumbled upon it after a while of experimenting in the editor, and with GrumpyGills looking for a quick way to remove farmer huts I thought it was about time I let everyone know about it.

This one's for you Grumpy.

Ok, here we go.

Step one: -

Place a small wooden gatehouse, depending on your map rotation you may have to alter the type of gatehouse you place. It’s a good idea to see what side your farmers hut is on before you place the gatehouse. You wouldn’t want to waste valuable seconds re-doing this particular eraser again…it’s so complicated.

Step two: -

In the landscape editor, select the delete tool and delete the platform. There you have it, a 3x3 magic eraser.

This is how it should look now.

Now you can take a farm, and place the farm hut in the 3x3 tile space like so...

Finally, using the delete tool in the building editor (not the landscape editor) and destroy the small wooden gatehouse.

There you have it Grumpy, a farm without the hut.

Happy map making.