Changing Troop Colour with a Hexadecimal Editor

(Stronghold 1)

This tutorial will show designers how to use a hex editor to change troop colour. To begin you will need a hexadecimal editor. Most powerful hex editors need to be bought, but we only need a simple editor. The best one I know is HEdit and is widely used due to its simplicity. The link will direct you to the download page but you are expected to buy after 30 days – it’s only fair. There a few free alternatives like the simple Be.HexEditor and Notepad++ with its Hex Editor plugin that can also be used similarly, but this tutorial will continue with HEdit.

Now you have the tools let’s begin…

First create a map in either SH or SHC. Once you have a project saved, it’s time to open it in the Hex editor:

File – Open – browse to destination of your map

You should now see something like this:

In the hopes you are using the hex editor suggested go to the drop down bar and hit:


You should get the following window:

In the hex textbox put the below code and then press ok.

00 00 00 01 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 04 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 06

If you followed these steps correctly the editor would have found the code which dictates color change, it should be highlighted in blue:

Ok that’s all well and good but what are we looking at you ask? Well this line dictates faction color, it’s the code which tells the game you are blue and the wolf is black. Let’s break this down to make it easier.

The codes are:
01 blue (player)
02 red (pig)
03 orange (rat)
04 yellow (snake)
05 purple (multiplayer)
06 black (wolf)
07 teal (multiplayer)
08 green (multiplayer)

In the highlighted area look for the “01” it should be the fourth group of highlighted numbers:

I want the map I chose to have purple troops as the playable faction so look at the list above: 05 purple

We simply change the “01” to “05”.

Then go to File – save

Now once we open the map in the editor we should be in control of purple troops…

And yes we are!

Of course we can also change the colour of our enemies. Simply go to the highlighted code and change for example:

04 (the snake) to 01 (player blue) and the snake will be blue!

Once you know what number is attached to each colour the job becomes really easy.

I hope this tutorial makes changing troop color easy for you all, put it to good use designers and let’s see some colourful maps from here on in!

Thanks for reading,