Permanent Fire Arrows

Please Note: Before you begin we suggest that you make copies of all of the original files you are going to replace. This means at the end of the day you can return the files to their normal function without having to re-install the game.

In this tutorial we will show you how to achieve permanent fire arrows:

– Archers fire flaming arrows without the use of braziers.

Before we begin you will have to know where to access the gm folder. Though the overwhelming majority on this site will have no trouble with this we thought a visual aid couldn’t hurt.

Now that we know what folder to access we can begin to have some fun.

In order to apply flaming arrows to the above mentioned fields (Archers, Crossbowmen, and Ballistae) we will have to edit a total of three files. This is where making copies of them comes in; keep the copies in a folder on your desktop so that you can replace them later.

To achieve the permanent flaming arrows you will need to have copies of the following files:

– body_missile_fire.gm1 (Flaming Arrow)
– body_missile.gm1 (Archers and Crossbowmen)
– body_missile_2.gm1 (Ballista)

In this process there are two types of files. Files to be edited which I have shown in red. And files to be replaced which are shown in blue.

Let’s begin by taking the file body_missile_fire.gm1 and renaming it to allow both archers and crossbowmen to fire flaming arrows without the aid of a brazier.

1. Copy the file body_missile_fire.gm1 and paste it onto your desktop.
2. Now right click the file and rename it to <font=”blue”>body_missile.gm1
3. Drag the renamed file back into the gm folder.
4. Once prompted with the option to replace the file click ‘yes’.
5. Now both archers and crossbowmen will fire flaming arrows.</font=”blue”>

Please Note: If this is done while stronghold is running in the background you will have to close stronghold and run it again before changes take effect.

Now let’s have our Ballista fire some flaming Bolts.

In order to achieve flaming Ballista bolts you simply follow the same process. However this time take the file body_missile_fire.gm1 and rename it to body_missile_2.gm1.

Drag and replace the file and you’re done, it’s that simple.

Here are the results:

1. In this first screen-shot we see two rows of archers firing flaming arrows across the river. While paused in the editor I gave each archer a specific target to achieve the effect of looping bolts.

2. In this second screen-shot several crossbows unleash their deadly bolts as some swordsmen take refuge atop an old tower.

3. Here we witness a Ballista Bolt; this is somewhat a hindered effect as the bolt appears to shoot sideward rather than straight at the target.

4. Finally we see a glitch that occurs when we replace the files. Catapults, Trebuchets and Mangonel appear to fire flaming horse mounted ladder-men. The deadliest weapon of them all!

Although these units are now able to fire flaming arrows without the assistance of a brazier, they cannot light pitch without one. This also means that these flaming arrows do not make for a more potent shot.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, it’s all up to you now designers – show us what you can do!