Making Well Workers Fetch Water From Rivers

By: Monkcrazy5

Hi everyone. After W_D came out with the 3×3 eraser, I found out how to have well workers get water from rivers. Warlord Designs used this in The Ourea II, so I decide to make a guide to help people master the art of getter water from a river!

From the picture, we can see that we have two invisible wells in that miniature lake, therefore we have two workers. These ‘invisible wells’ can be built over, so we can put water over them in the editor. Now, we will start up stronghold and do this!

1. Now, first you will click on the tree icon in the main menu, (map editor), and select a stand alone mission. Since this is just an experiment, I would suggest 160×160 for size. Now that we are in the editor, we are going to go to the map.

2. Click on the ‘to map’ button on the screen, and click the two buttons seen in this picture.

The two buttons are marked with a circle around them. Click the tower one first, then the gatehouse one. DO NOT click on the button with just a tower.

3. After clicking the second button, you will click on the first gatehouse, the small wooden one. It doesn’t matter which direction it is facing, so pick one, and place it in about the center of the map.

4. Ok, now you see I put the gatehouse in about the center of the map. You may also see I circled the tree button, so click on that now.

5. Now, I’ve circled the tool we’re using, and take a look at the brush size. Small as it can be. The tool we are using is called the magic eraser; so many ways to make eye candy with it have and still are being found today. So click on the magic eraser, press the space bar, and make your brush size as small is it can be. There are only 8 squares that will work. I’ve marked each set of four with a smiley face, and the ones you can’t use with an X.

6. Now, click on one of the 8 squares with the smallest magic eraser, press the space bar, and it should look something like this.

7. OMG! You wiped out a turret! Good job. Now, click on the tower button with the swords crossed behind it, select the house icon and build the well where that turret was.

8. If your gatehouse looks like this, you’re almost done! However, some of you would have done it on the other side, which is ok, too. Now, click on the tree icon and click on the water icon. Click on the river icon, for now, and make the brush as large as it can be. Now surround your gatehouse with water. It should look something like this.

9. Just steps 9 and 10 before we play with it a little! Now, if you have your brush on that huge square, click on it once and it will be the smallest again, and keep it there for now. Now, click on the magic eraser, and click on the other turret in the 4 ok squares. Then click on one of these 9 squares.

Still 9. If you did it right it should look like this:

10. Now just cover the space up with water!

Now, let’s see what this can do! Click on the swords. Make your own castle out of it! Now, when you’re done, click on the key, and go to edit scenario. Click on add an event. Where it says, January at the top, change it to April. Now click on edit action.

Click on ‘Fire!’ at the bottom, and move the little thingy to 3. Then hit ok, hit ok again. Here’s what it should look like.

Save it, go to invasions, and play it! Mine looked like this, the well workers ran to their positions, and when the fire came, they made their best effort to put it out. Experiment, go ahead! See what creative things you can do with the wells!

Deepest regards,


This tutorial can be downloaded here.

Next guide, everlasting fire, coming soon! Another guide will tell how to create altars and things like the burning bush. In the same guide when water and fire collide…nothing happens?