Invisible Units

Step 1) Place a wooden gatehouse (facing any direction).

Step 2) Place walls so that the stairs are completely blocked off.

Step 3) Make sure the gatehouse gates are OPEN.

And place any unit outside of the gatehouse.

Step 4) Next, we’re going to make him walk to the other side of the gatehouse, passing though it as he goes.

The green indicates the direction he should walk, the red dot indicates the point you should make him move to.

Now, when he enters the gatehouse, immediately close the gates, trapping him inside.

Step 5) Now, demolish (using the DELETE tool, NOT the ERASER) the gatehouse and walls.

As you can see, our swordsman is no longer there! Or is he?

We now use the wall tool to locate our invisible unit. If you are building a large map containing invisible units, I suggest marking their position using walls or another feature.

When you select the general area that he’s in, you can double-check that he is still there.

The invisible units you create will be able to attack other units, but some drawbacks occur. As long as your invisible unit does not move, they will continue to be invisible. The second they move, they will be visible again. Archers and crossbowmen work best with this trick because they do not require movement to attack. But as long as your sword, mace, or pike-wielding units do not move, they will continue to be invisible as they attack.

This trick can be used in many scenarios; it’s up to you to create them.

Happy mapmaking!


This tutorial has been made availabe by Synyster in the downloads here.