Lowering the Keep Door

Greetings mapmakers! Most of you have noticed whenever you place the stone keep and the peasant campfire on different heights, the campfire land rises up. However there is a way to lower the keep door and the campfire as well! Here’s an example:

Please note that this trick doesn’t work with the Saxon Hall (SH1) and the Manor House(SHC).

Step 1: build a keep, destroy the stockpile, erase the lord:

Step 2: Create the high plain around the keep:

Step 3: Cover the high plain with iron ore, build walls around the keep and place 4×4 size rocks, as if you were lowering or raising the walls.

Step 4: erase the placed rocks (be careful not to touch the keep), lower the land.

Step 5: as you can see there’s a small glitch, but we all want everything to look perfect right? So here’s what we will do: place a 4×4 size rock as shown below.

Step 6: now place three more 4×4 rocks to lower the keep, since you did it while placing the first one to delete the glitch:

Step 7: erase the rocks, lower the land and enjoy your own mountain keep!

These sort of keeps can be used in many interesting scenarios (especially in landscapes with many mountain and plain height differences).

Here’s a small example:

Lowering only the keep door:

This trick is very useful as well, and personally, I prefer it even more than the previous one. Take a look:

As you can see, the keep door has been lowered and thus troops cannot go upon the keep as usual, they have to climb the stairs. Workers can’t use it too, they have to walk all around the keep (due to the blue barrier, coloured blue). Basically this trick allows us to create our own entrance to the keep.

Step 1: Prepare the land as shown in the picture (create a high or mid plain, build two pieces of walls with a gap of three tiles and lower those tiles).

Step 2: cover the land with iron ore.

Step 3: build your keep, remember the door must be on those lowered tiles:


Please note that I have lowered those three tiles by just 25 clicks, if you want to completely flatten the keep door, you’ll have to find the optimal number of clicks manually, as every different keep has various door heights.

I hope this was useful. Happy mapmaking and door lowering!

AZ ViTrAzhAs