Attaching Flags to Anything

Hello all mapmakers! Have you ever wanted to place a flag to more buildings than the keep, towers, crenulated walls or gates? This tutorial will show you how to achieve this result.

Here you can see a few examples:

Step 1:

Place a single tile of wall.

Step 2: add a crenulated wall.

Step 3: delete the first wall tile and leave only the crenelated wall.

Step 4: cover the surrounding area with water.

Step 5: lower the wall, by placing a rock both on the wall and on the water.

Please note that I use the water tool to make the lowering faster and it also helps to lower the crenelated wall more to the ground.

Step 6: erase the rock, flatten the land and cover everything with water once more.

Step 7: Place a flag on the wall.

Step 8: Continue the lowering of the wall as in step 6 until the wall is lowered to the limit (7 or 8 times). Delete the water. The result:

Step 9: Place the building which you want the flag to be set on.

Step 10: Rotate the map to see which side has a glitch. Please note that the flag is still placed on the wall so when looking from a different side the flag will just flow in the air.

So we’ve found the side where the flag doesn’t look the way we want it.

Step 11: Hide the flag with a tower, huge construction or the best: place another building.

Now when looking from this angle, it seems that the flag is on the inn. We’ve killed two birds with one stone!

Step 12: However, there’s still a visible clue which can easily reveal the trick – the lowered wall tile. Again let’s hide or mask this little thingy:

As you can see there are so many possibilities using this trick: you can use the nature to hide that little tile as well!

As you might understand you can control the height of the floating flag – it all depends on the height of the crenelated wall.

Happy flag placing!

AZ ViTrAzhAs