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by Wraith, Ztolk, Ibeliamoyes, and Apuya24

This section contains information about the favourite tactics for both offense and defense of the various opponents you are likely to meet while playing Stronghold Crusader. It will also tell you how best to defeat them.

List of All AI Names

How to play against specific castle designs:

If you would like to play against a computer opponent’s specific castle design in skirmish play against AI opponents you can do so fairly easily. You must be familiar with moving files around on your computer to do this, however. All the castle designs for the AIs are individual files located in the “C:\Program Files\Firefly Studios\Crusader\aiv” folder (or wherever you installed the game to if you selected a different location). Each computer lord has eight files, therefore eight different castle designs that he can use. These are selected randomly in skirmish mode.

Do not attempt to do this if you are not familiar or comfortable with copying files. This is done at your own risk. Your game could become unplayable if you end up with any moved, missing, or corrupt files after you are done. We assume no liability.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING to any files on your computer, copy the files you are going to be manipulating to a separate and secure backup folder where they won’t be disturbed. This can be of your choosing, but should be somewhere that won’t be deleted accidently and won’t be recognized by the game. IT IS IMPORTANT TO BACK UP YOUR FILES before starting.

The concept is simple. Move the castle files you don’t want the game to use out of the “aiv” folder temporarily, leaving just the one(s) you do want the computer to use. Then when you play a skirmish game the computer can only select from the one(s) it can find remaining in the “aiv” folder.

Be sure you copy back the files you took out of the “aiv” folder when you are done.

This has been tested in skirmish mode against computer opponents in version 1.1. It has NOT been tested in multi-player or on the skirmish trails, or in version 1.0.