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Towers & Gatehouses

Towers are the main place to keep your defence troops and the stronger ones will support your siege equipment.

Lookout Tower
These tall towers can hold five units, and increase the range of all ranged units within. Use them for defending your walls or town but they are easy to destroy.
10 stone
Perimeter Turret
These are weak but cheap.
10 stone
Defence Turret
Slightly stronger than the Perimeter Turret, but still not strong enough for siege equipment.
15 stone
Square Tower
The basic defence tower which will hold mangonels and ballistas and reasonably strong.
35 stone
Round Tower
This is the strongest tower.
40 stone

The way in and out of your castle with a gate that can be shut to keep out invaders. Beware of assassins who can take over a gatehouse and let the enemy in
Large 20 stone
Small 10 stone
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