How to Build on Sand Dunes

by Boingo

Have you ever needed to build a tower or gatehouse, but couldn’t, because the spot you needed to build on was a sand dune?

Have you ever had a quarry just outside your building limit, and needed a gatehouse to station some archers on to keep the Snake’s slaves from burning your quarry down, but could not build it, because the area was covered in sand dunes?

Does Barbarosa keep setting up trebuchets just outside the range of your archers and crossbowmen, and you need to set up a couple of square towers with balistae on them to take down the trebs before they cause any damage, but, alas, you are thwarted by sand dunes yet again?

As we all know, Stronghold Crusader will not let players build towers or gatehouses on dunes, or ground it considers to be too uneven.

Well …

A while back I accidentally discovered a way around this, and figured I would share what I have learned, seeing how I am such a nice guy. 😉

Observe the usual problem. I want to place a gatehouse on this sand dune, and, as usual, the game tells me that the ground is too uneven to build on, as noted by the orange sections in the square.


Note however that the game will let me place wall sections on the sand dune.


Now you are probably aware that it is possible to replace walls with towers and gatehouses. It is a normal part of building in SHC.

Now here comes the trick.

In the place where I want to build my gatehouse, I need to build a solid section of wall that is the same size as the gatehouse. In the case of the small gatehouse, this is a 5 x 5 square.


(Wow! You can really see just how uneven the ground here is!)

Once I have my wall section, I just place my gatehouse on top, and … voila!


Obviously, this does not just apply to the small gatehouse. This trick works with any type of tower or gatehouse you might need.


Now it should be noted that there is a potential problem with gatehouses when they are placed this way. If you look at the above screen shot, you will notice that two of the gatehouses appear to be raised up on platforms. Presumably, this is because of the way the game is trying to deal with the positioning of the gatehouses in the context of their heights relative to the height of the sand dune, which is low on the front side, but much higher on the back side. As far as I know, this difference in height is severe enough to prevent workers and troops from entering and exiting the gatehouses on this side.

On the back side however, which is on the uphill part of the dune, the entrances of these gatehouses are much more even with the sand, allowing access to your people, like the children in the picture below.


Not all gatehouses will be affected to the extent of the ones depicted here. Most will be more even, and will allow normal passage on both sides.