Hole in the Wall Strategy by Davidbe

Here is a Crusader gameplay strategy from forumer davidbe.

What I like to do in the campaign when masses of troops (macemen, pikemen) attack is not to complete the keep, but to leave a hole between 2 overlapping walls. It seems the AI won’t siege so much if the keep is not complete, instead he sends all troops in. A bit of pitch or fire throwers can finish a lot of pikes off. I mostly send 2-3 monks to hold up the attack for a half second when they’re all in the gap, then light the pitch (between the walls). A row of traps also works wonders. If you leave one spot un-moated you also get everyone attacking there. The Wolf in particular loses a lot of expensive troops this way, because I can concentrate all my defense on one spot.

In this shot the tower with the two braziers should have had some crossbows on that can fire into the entrance. I often put a fire thrower up on the tower too. If one monk holds up the first attacker for a split second then the fire will be devastating to the rest – but in this quest I was very low on money at the time.

This next screenshot shows the strategy using two entrances.

This final screenshot shows an unsuccessful enemy invasion of pikemen.

I also found a new strategy using assassins: place them near your enemy’s gate so that the gate closes but they are not near enough to the towers to get caught. The gate closes even if they are at quite a distance. As the Wolf (in Crusader Trail 35) built only one gate, his whole town was cut off from all resources.