Stronghold: Crusader Tricks by Leaveyou

Tricks for Crusader Lords – Part One

This is a list of strategies I’ve discovered while playing Stronghold: Crusader. It contains some tricks for assault as well as some for building your castle. Some are based on game bugs but most of them are intelligent strategies that took me a while to discover.

Moat Trick

This is a great way of keeping the enemy melee troops far from your walls. It works perfectly against Pig and fine against all others. My experience shows that the AI will always prefer to go through the path in the moat and will never try to cover the moat, so this is a good strategy to use when you don’t have time to repair the moat after every attack. This strategy allows you to protect yourself with fire throwers, hidden behind the large towers that protect them from arrows (fire is the best way to kill the swordsmen that march towards your walls while your crossbowmen kill the enemy archers and ballistas). Yet the most important thing is that the enemy will try to destroy the main wall behind the towers and not the towers, so he will bring his catapults very close to them.

Gatehouse Trick

This is a good way to protect your gatehouse from enemy catapults, but I don’t use this for that reason. Your keep will not seem enclosed until an enemy troop comes close to the gatehouse and causes the drawbridge to rise. In that moment the troop will stop and search for another way in, and, if you have another similar gatehouse in the other end, he will probably head that direction and will be surprised again by the closing drawbridge.

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