Stronghold: Crusader Tricks by Leaveyou

Tricks for Crusader Lords – Part Three

Using Towers for Protection

Wow… look at this… towers are practically immune to arrows and it looks like they stop enemy arrows from killing your people inside. This is a good way to prevent your enemies from burning your buildings to the ground.

Two Tricks to Protect Archers


It looks like the best way to keep your archers is on low walls but behind tall crenelated walls. This makes them a little inaccurate, but they are rarely hit by arrows. Crossbowmen aren’t hit at all while they recharge. To build this you will first have to build a tall wall, a stair of 2 squares that leads to a low wall and a stair to get up there.


This is the slowest, most cowardly and the most inaccurate way to kill the archers on top of a tower. You build a wall and hide your archers behind it. You will rarely hit a target so it will take you a while to finish, but at least you won’t lose any archers. You don’t have to build a wall… any obstacle will be as good as a shield and if the target is on the ground fire ballistas won’t miss. (It’s good to keep fire ballistas surrounded with walls, but you will have to tell them when and where to attack for they do not SEE the target).

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