Belvoir Castle, Delaying Tactics


  • Eliminate all Enemy Units

‘Saladin has taken the bait and is moving on the strategically important Belvoir Castle in the Hinterlands. The garrison cannot hold out indefinitely but must hold off the attackers long enough for Tyre to rebuild its fortifications’



  • 4000 gold
  • 95 wood
  • 50 stone
  • 60 bread
  • 5 archers
  • 5 spearmen


Metal Armour5830


This transpired to be a decent invasion scenario, with a bit of work required on the economic side. I started by ensuring there was sufficient food to cover my population, by building six orchards on the oasis area to the south of the castle. This rather overuse of apple farms was to be used for good use later on.

Belvoir is already complete as a castle. It is up to you whether you wish to reinforce the walls. I took the opportunity to sell stone at the marketplace, giving me some welcome gold. Try to get weapon production up and running fairly quickly. I opted for a balance between archers and pikemen, preferring to keep my pikemen outside the castle walls in numbers to attack any enemy troops. You can suffer quite heavy losses this way but pikemen are fairly cheap to recruit and pikes can be churned out quite quickly if you have three poleturners’ workshops.

With a population of 50 sustained by my food farms, I was able to build a chapel and 2 churches. Combined with one inn, fed by a hop farm squeezed onto the fertile land, this gave me a steady positive +9 effect on popularity. From this, you can turn off the food consumption completely and sell the apples at the marketplace. I found this gave me far more gold for troop recruitment than any taxation levels.

I was able to manufacture swords & metal armour in small quantities, with a few swordsmen for added beef to my army. I opted for a combination of pikemen and swordsmen placed near my iron mines. Initially I thought this would protect the majority of invasions that would head for the mines. This didn’t work to plan, as the invasions had enough archers to seriously weaken my troops. I would recommend that in Belvoir you take advantage of the height near the mines, by placing archers along with some knights to protect your mines.

With weapon production in full swing (you don’t need ridiculously large numbers to protect the castle) and a steady supply of income from selling all apples, I was able to steadily increase the defensiveness of Belvoir and saw a relatively easy victory.

One tip: be careful that you try to destroy any enemy siege weapons as early as possible. The enemy here has battering rams that can easily break through the walls.

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