Tyre, Drawing the Line


‘The few who have survived Saladin’s campaign are taking refuge and are provisioning at Tyre. Saladin is still a good distance away but is not without influence in the region so expect trouble’



  • 4000 gold
  • 95 wood
  • 50 stone
  • 60 bread
  • 3 archers
  • 3 spearmen


Metal Armour5830


On to Tyre, mission 2 in the King’s Crusade. At first glance this seems like a simple enough level. There is certainly more of an economic, defensive approach here. The castle again is already built with a decent collection of buildings. However, I found the positioning of the buildings to be uneconomical in terms of the additional walking required. Some of the bakeries are too far from the granary/stockpile, as is the mill. Once you have enough wood, be bold and delete buildings to concentrate the bakeries around and as near to the stockpile and granary as possible.

The very first thing I opted for was to place two wheat farms near the area of marsh/oil. The rather large bread requirement here dictates that unless you want to be playing this map for weeks to come, you need to meet this goal as quickly as possible. There are a few areas of fertile land around the castle and once I had placed four or five woodcutters’ huts in strategic areas (as well as one hut within the castle walls where it could be defended) I placed a hop farm and a wheat farm in the next available oasis area. In order to meet the bread requirement, you again need to consider turning off food consumption altogether. This means healthy religion coverage combined with the highest level of ale coverage possible. Tricky, as Tyre isn’t an easy map to generate gold! A few years into the start of the map I was in a position to play around with taxing the peasants for a temporary popularity drop to generate a little money.

As far as weapon production is concerned, I found that two fletchers’ workshops and one poleturner’s workshop was more than enough. The invasions in Tyre aren’t huge. What they do achieve is to completely disrupt the food chain (remember that bread requirement). The key area here is to either defend your wheat farms by placing troops outside the castle walls or to sacrifice them and rebuild. They are the prime target for slaves that invade in quite large numbers. Whilst slaves are easy to kill, they really do try to burn as much as possible given half a chance and you need to be sure you have quite high numbers of archers to have any effect as the game progresses. I tried both options, settling on the rebuilding of anything burnt down. It can prove costly recruiting troops if you continuously suffer heavy losses.

Tyre is a patience map. Set up food production, plenty of bakeries (seven at the height of production) and five wheat farms. Ensure you have plenty of wood at hand. Line the walls and towers with archers – their sheer numbers can make short work of invasions, certainly at normal difficulty. This isn’t too difficult a map to beat, but care at the start is required.

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