Konya, Frederick Barbarossa


  • eliminate all enemy units

‘The German army has suffered severely from hunger on it’s way through Asia Minor. Hold Konya so the troops may rest and provision themselves.’



  • 8000 gold
  • 95 wood
  • 50 stone
  • 60 bread
  • 6 archers
  • 6 spearmen


Leather Armour2512
Metal Armour5830


In order to beat this map, you need to defend. And defend well. Whilst the advantageous position you hold (farmland, iron & stone resources) may look appealing, starting with a pre-built castle, you will need to recruit a good number of troops in order to succeed.

You start the level with a working castle as in Tyre. Analyse your food chain first of all. I decided to be overly cautious and added a random selection of food farms to keep the granary full. Trade options are available, but in this level you cannot buy or sell any food stocks. Once this was done I began the task of manufacturing weapons. You already have a good number of weaponsmiths within the castle but add as many as is practical. I had in the region of four or five of most of them.

You can buy weapons from the market though this proves costly and I didn’t consider buying these until I was happy with the gold income. To achieve this, you again need to concentrate on increased religion coverage. Raising gold can be a little tricky here and there are options available to you. However, with time between invasions you can assess the best method. I opted for religion to offset an increase in taxes as well as selling raw materials at the market. By now you should be able to expand the castle population and build woodcutters’ huts and new buildings as necessary.

The key to defending against the invasions here is to consider crossbowmen and archers in numbers. But they need defending as assassins play a key part in this map. I found that pikemen placed sporadically along the walls and in towers, set to aggressive, will ensure that most of the assassins will be cut down. Consider taking manual control over pockets of archers to kill off assassins… they can be a real threat if they are left unnoticed.

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