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Sparrow's Extreme Challenges
My picks of the most difficult maps to play in Stronghold Crusader.

All Crusader Challenges
#1   11/12/05    Grove of the Divine    by Harmonastix   

Challenge #1   Nov 12, 2005:

Grove of the Divine by Harmonastix

Map size: large 400x400     Uploaded: 7/7/03
A Crusader challenge for those that were starting to feel left out! There aren't nearly as many hard Crusader maps and there's no difficulty setting in the game, so it's not quite the extreme play you can get from Stronghold 1, but Grove of the Divine will not disappoint.

This is one of Crusader's best and is quite tough. It's a large invasion map with a big, sprawling, multi-level castle. There's lots of different areas in the castle, interconnected by not too efficient pathways, and the defenses are deliberately not set up all that well. You cannot build any new walls, towers or gates in this scenario so have to defend it as best you can.

You will need to do lots of building and really focus on creating a much larger defending force. Distances make moving troops around somewhat slow, so you'll have to plan carefully since there are two signposts and you must defend on different sides. Huge, heavy-weight invasions will really put you to the test.

Plus there's a great assortment of difficulties: granary thefts, plagues, various blights, bandits, and fires. This is a very well thought out map and is great fun.

Good luck! Solution hints will be published in two weeks.

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