Spotlight on Design 1 – Creative Bridges

Even though the map editor in the original Stronghold doesn’t include a way to build bridges, designers have still found many creative ways to make them. Highlighted on this page are a few of the bridge types, along with links to the designers’ maps and to tutorials describing the techniques.

Duke of York uses a double-gatehouse/double drawbridge to make a bridge in his invasion scenario Island Warfare. This technique is useful for defensive purposes, as the drawbridges will raise when the enemy advances, forcing your adversaries to knock down the gatehouses and dig the moats, giving you time to muster your own troops.

In the economic map Building an Empire, bobT aka Bob Taylor uses stone to build his bridge, with walls as the base and crenellated walls for the railing.

Learn this technique here.

This bridge is constructed from wooden platforms. This great example is from Keltsbridge Lighthouse by Pirate Roberts.

The technique can be found here.

In Islands Against the Wind, Stratego uses a simple but effective wooden walkway (pallistone wall) as a bridge.

Learn this technique here.

Warlord Designs creates a rich look in Scourge of Darkness Ch I with wooden crenellations (pallistone walls). The result is a bridge which blends seamlessly into the terrain.

The tutorial is here.

Pirate Roberts combines techniques in this one from Silverlake. The road is a wooden walkway, the railings are wooden crenellations, and he’s added waterfalls on the side which create the perception of different water levels on either side of the bridge.

In this final picture, Andy Baz has created a seemingly simple yet elegant wooden bridge. It’s a combination of several of the types already mentioned: wooden walkways, wooden crenellations, and the wooden platforms. On top of that, it involved a lot of time spent raising terrain levels to get the different heights on the railings. This bridge can be seen in The Tortured Road: Act III – Return of That Thing!.

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