Spotlight on Design 12 – Dams and Water Towers

It’s amazing how much eye-candy and illusions that you can do by mixing water, walls and many other things. This week’s Spotlight on Design will focus on such water illusions as dams and water towers and some more things. The use of eye-candy in a map makes the map a lot more attractive, but important to remember is that eye-candy can’t carry the map through, i.e. there must be landscape as well.

Kester has written a tutorial about the basic techniques for creating water illusions, you can find it here. Other water illusions such as fountains can be found here.

Now off to the pics then.


Glazebury Muse map. Note well all the other eye-candy he uses such as wooden platform bridges and wooden crenellated walls, and of course an engineer that makes sure everything goes on as it’s supposed to.


In the next pic from my own eye-candy map Jerusalem you see how an aqueduct leads the water from a well to the city. Once again engineers guard the torrent of water.

In the multiplayer map River of Blood bobT aka Bob Taylor makes a wonderful dam illusion by actually using no editor tricks at all, only smart building, very nice.

The last two pics are taken from, in my opinion, one of the best maps ever: Henn Dommen by UnikUnok. The whole map is filled with eye-candy, but dams and water towers it was so we’ll just take a look at this fantastic dam.

Here he has used a lot of editor tricks, but note especially the two water-driven mills on each side of the dam.

In the close-up pic from the other side you see the very nice water mill design. And a big plus, the mill works as well.

Well that was all for this time. Come back again soon and there might be a new Spotlight on Design here to read.

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~Arn de Gothia