Spotlight on Design 17 – Historic Castles

Historic castle design is yet another unique aspect that the scenario editor in Stronghold allows you to do. If you have not taken the time to do some research and recreate an historic castle, I would urge you to do so. Once you take the time to study the defenses of these defensive killing machines, you will truly be amazed! The same principles that were used in “real life” are transferred into the game such as deceptive traps, choke points and much more.

In order to recreate an historic castle, you must have two tools available. First would be a good and detailed ground plan. Second would be photos from different angles of the castle. The ideal situation would be to have both assets available to you.

In recreating Arundel Castle, I could not find a ground plan so I improvised by using a very good drawing and combined it with the many hundreds of great photos that are available on the internet. The below screenshot is from my map, Arundel Castle 1302.

If you do not have a ground plan, you can use an aerial photo, like this one of Miskolc-Diosgyor Castle. Beside it is the minimap for Miskolc-Diosgyor Castle that I created from it.

Some castles might have good medieval drawings or etchings that can be used.

Etching of Pembroke Castle

Minimap of Pembroke Castle by Duke of York

Some castles are in ruins and you have to improvise and take some artistic liberty with how you think the castle might have looked. At top is an aerial photo of Raglan Castle. Underneath is the minimap for my Raglan Castle.

Following are some examples of excellent historical maps that designers have created.

Bismuth’s Castillo de San Marcos

Ludlow Castle by PGS

Bamburgh Castle by Sulis

Bodiam Castle by Feyd rauhta

Beaumaris Castle by Emperor Alexus

There are many more great examples of historic castle design in the downloads sections. Take some time, do the research and see if you can recreate an historic castle yourself!

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~Duke of York