Spotlight on Design 19 – Waterfalls

Waterfalls and pools of water add elements to your map that bring it alive. By adding these elements into the water in your terrain your landscape takes on depth and creativity. Water that falls from a higher height, over rocks and pools at the base in a plume of spray, can give your waterfall a spectacular look.

In Pirate Roberts’ Calleva Cistern map you can see how the water flowing out from the cistern creates a waterfall. The water flowing from the larger lake above decends from waterfalls into the terrain below.

Bob T in his map Building an Empire takes you on a visually delightful trip as you follow the path of the river as it falls over the higher elevations. Great placement of rocks and varying terrain height gives the realism the water needs to portray rushing water and falls.

Well placed water in docweasel’s map SGG 01 Culture War gracefully sets pools of water fed by cascading springs. Small springs push the water over the rocks into a rushing waterfall. Skillful placement of the rocks gives the water its rushing water look.

Jayhawk uses waterfalls in his Saint Brigid’s Falls: Revenge to allow the water flowing through the castle to flow into the water that surrounds it. Cascading off the higher walls into the water below, the waterfalls draw your eye to the detail in the map.

In her map Mystery Lake, ladyjane draws the eye down a flowing river that crashes and cascades over falls, giving her water the appearance of fast flowing movement.

Kilarin in his map Bandit-Lord uses the water flowing from the dam to create a visually stunning waterfall.

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~Lady Arcola