Spotlight on Design 9 – Concealment

The Stronghold editor has a lot of tools that can be used to lay traps for the unsuspecting, friend and foe alike. Secret passages, as written about in this tutorial, are just one approach.

This week’s topic is somewhat different than most. I’m only going to give examples from two maps, and only from very small areas of those maps. Why? Because I don’t want to ruin the surprise by revealing all the concealed areas!

A nice field of grass next to a bluff – looks like a lovely spot for a picnic in this map by Lord Sheene. But given the map’s title, Castle Dracula, things are probably not all that they seem.

Sure enough, flattening the view shows the danger waiting just beyond the gatehouse! Be sure to check out the map to see what other surprises Lord Sheene has created.

Lurking Horror, aka littlegloomy, designed a wonderful map, Secret of the Cross, which has surprises hiding in every corner. In this screenshot a group of spearmen are milling around aimlessly… or are they guarding something?

The hidden troops and secret moat are revealed. Additional knights available to come to the aid of the watchful! This map has perhaps the most instances of concealment that I’ve seen, so be sure to download it if you’d like further inspiration. 🙂

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