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Seraph (Webmaster)

Cherub Duke of York
Content writer and Scenario forum moderator

I have enjoyed gaming all of my life. I first started gaming over 20 years ago playing board games with my friends. I enjoy playing such board games as Axis & Allies, King Maker, Civilization (THE ORIGINAL), Settlers of Catan and many more. Over the years, my collection of board games has grown well over 100. I even enjoy painting miniature soldiers, but board gaming has always been my first passion. As I got older and friends got married or moved away, that left me with a lot of games that I could not play by myself. I started PC Gaming back around 1990 while in the U.S. Marine Corps. One of my favorite games at that time was called “Castles”. It was a real time strategy game where you had to build a castle, gather resources, defend against attack and conquer your neighbor – does that sound familiar? It was a precursor to Lords of the Realm and now Stronghold. My favorite type of PC games has always been strategy or wargames. Some of my favorites include Ceaser III, Pharaoh, Age of Empires and ultimately Stronghold. Once I tried Stronghold, I was bitten by the bug and the only game I have purchased since it was released years ago has been it’s sequel – Crusader.

I first visited Stronghold Heaven back around April 2002 (5 years ago!) and saw the downloads section. I started downloading other player’s maps and playing them. I thought to myself, “there is no reason you can’t do this as well!” I uploaded my first map in May of 2002 and have not looked back since. My favorite type of Stronghold maps are invasions and recreations of historic castles. After being around in the forums for a while, I received an invitation from Jayhawk to join the Stronghold Heaven staff as a moderator for the Scenario/Map Design Forums. I was very excited but concerned at the same time that I would not be able to provide the kind of support he expected as my wife had just given birth to our 2nd child. Now my son is almost 2 years old and here I am.

Other bits of information about me: I am married with two beautiful children, served 12 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, enjoy studying military history (especially the American War Between the States & WWII), active in my local church working in the Youth Department and singing in the choir, work as a senior recruiter in a healthcare staffing firm and look forward to playing Stronghold 2.

Angel Lady Arcola
Guardian of the Gallery and Content writer

My journey into the world of gaming started in 2001 with a trip to the library, where we were trying out different programs that you could check out for 30 days. Always having a love of castles I checked out a game called Stronghold. As soon as I found the map making editor I was hooked and spent hours playing. But soon the game had to be returned. I was so obsessed by then that I frantically went on a search for a copy of the game. My husband looked on E bay, found the game, bid on it and to our surprise the seller was from the city we lived in. And to my delight we won the bid. So on a sunny summer afternoon I received my very own Stronghold game.

Soon I found I needed to know more than was in the manual and went on the internet and, by chance, found this wonderful site called Stronghold Heaven. The first question I had, I emailed to the head guy. (I had not found the forums yet 😀 ) To my surprise I got an email answering my question from Jayhawk. Impressed by the nice reply to my question I became a member of Stronghold Heaven.

As time passed I began to participate and I have been having a wonderful time. I was honored when I was allowed to help write one of the stories that are written on our forums (Crusade of the Heart). I ventured out on a quest with Sulis (Eye Candy Albums) and I was asked this summer to help beta test a game (Space Colony). I have had the honor of meeting the most WONDERFUL people from all over the world, who have honored me by becoming my friends.

Heaven Games is a wonderful place, I give the staff that keep this site and the other Heavens running a fantastic well done! It is a honor to be part of the team. Thank You.

Cherub Wraith
Content writer and multi-play supremo

I started really playing games with Dungeons and Dragons, back in the early 90s. I enjoyed the role-playing aspect, but quickly moved to become a Dungeon Master, where I could control vast legions of armed orcs and trolls. I soon found out that you could find such games on computers.

I’ve been a fan of RTS gaming since Command and Conquer came out on the Playstation. I was instantly hooked on the idea of commanding battles. I also have some sim experience from The SimCity series. I continued to enjoy collecting and playing games like Empire Earth, Caesar 2, AOK/AOC and now Stronghold. I saw Stronghold in the store. I took one look at the cover and fell in love. I bought it that very week.

I haven’t lost my passion for role-playing though. I always enjoy a good game of Diablo 2, and have been known to pick up Alice or Vampire the Masquerade.

Stronghold meant a bright new gaming world for me. I always found myself trying to build “pretty castles” in AOK and EE. It never really worked for me. Of course, it worked in Stronghold and I decided to seek out new tactics, and I stumbled into Heaven. Merepatra’s thread of Number Crunching is what got me addicted even further. I never thought of breaking a game down like that, and since then it’s become a science to me.

At Heaven, I also found a wonderful community that accepted me with open arms. They allowed me to venture into projects with them. I also found a group of people who love to play honourable multiplayer games. I found some players who nursed me out of my “rookiehood”. Soon, only a few months after joining, I was promoted to Cherub. I founded the Lists and created the downloadable scenarios for the Castle of the Week series.

Personal: I’m 21; common law married and have a baby Dante and a stepson Erik with my much older wife. I live in a small city in Ontario in Canada, and I’m a stay at home father and student, studying history.

Cherub Jax
Forum moderator

Cherub Duc de Noisiel
Downloads Manager and Reeve of Reviews

With kind help from Angel Reckless Rodent in the history section.

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