Welcome to the Stronghold Strategy section.

This is where you will find strategies and tactics to help you with playing Stronghold


NAT II’s Art of the Defensive Siege
Six techniques to aid your defensive seige.

Are the Pig’s macemen too quick for you or the Wolf’s swordsmen too tough? Below are a whole array of tips to ensure your castle stays standing!


The Shape of Your Castle

Leaveyou illustrates various techniques for castle design that will aid in defensive gameplay.


The Good, the Bad and the Mechanics
Everything you always wanted to know about Fear Factor, but were afraid to ask.

Fear Factor is controlled by placing Good and Bad things that can be found under the Town Buildings tab. There are two types, Fear Factor Pleasant, which requires placement of Good Things, and Fear Factor Cruel, which requires placement of Bad Things.


Dr. Popularity
Or how to stop worrying and raise your taxes.

The things that affect your popularity can be divided into two types. Scripted Events which are set into the scenario by the designer and cannot be avoided, though their effects can be minimised, and Non Scripted, which are those things that you can choose to use or not yourself.


Living by numbers
Includes the walker speeds table.

This article contains information about the production cycles of the various industries/farms/workshops etc. Times given are generally the amount of time it takes to produce goods excluding the time taken to collect raw materials and/or to deliver the goods to the stockpile/armoury/granary. This time taken collecting/delivering will have a major impact on how quickly you are able to produce goods/food. An efficient layout where the workers have to walk a minimum distance will give you much higher production numbers, but since space is often at a premium around the stockpile/armoury/granary then choices about priorities often have to be made.


Wraith’s Multiplayer Strategies

These are some common tactics used in MP and some suggestions on defending against them. I will not be doing “rush tactics” as this is not widely accepted by the SHH forum.
This strategy section will be based on a late period, with no unit exclusions.


The Basics of Storage and Production

Storage – There are 3 distinct buildings to store goods in Stronghold: the stockpile, the granary and the armoury.

Positioning of Raw Materials and Processing Buildings – Apples and game meat always go directly to the granary. These buildings should be placed as close to the granary as possible to allow them to maximise their production.