The Basics of Storage & Production 2

by Homegrown with additional information by Ztolk

Positioning of Industrial Buildings


Apples and game meat always go directly to the granary. These buildings
should be placed as close to the granary as possible to allow them to maximise their

Cheese goes directly to the granary so you should keep it as close as you can. However, if you have a tanner to produce leather armour, you should place it between the granary and the armoury so that the leather armourer doesn’t have to walk so far to either the cows or the armoury.

Wheat is raised on farms and delivered to the stockpile. From there it is picked up by the mill boys and turned into flour which is, in its turn, delivered to the stockpile. Finally the bakery gets the flour and turns it into bread which is delivered to the granary. Therefore your wheat farms and mill can be placed away from the granary and closer to the stockpile, with the bakeries between the stockpile and the granary.

Raw Materials

Wood: if you put your wood cutters inside your walls, you force them to walk first to the trees, then back to the keep. For better efficiency, they should be placed close to the trees you want them to cut down.

Pitch and Iron: pitch and iron can only be produced on the specific resource tiles, therefore the limit to their production is the distance from the building to the stockpile that receives the goods. Use the walker speed table to determine how many stone and pitch rigs you need ahead of time to conserve labour and still ensure you have a nice steady flow.

Stone: again distance is the limiting factor, but knowing the distance from the oxen hitch to the stockpile will allow you to determine how many oxen you need for any stone quarry. Again, make sure you have enough to maintain a steady influx of stone without the quarry filling up completely (and stopping further production) while the oxen are off delivering the stone to the stockpile. Remember, each oxen will carry 8 stone at a time.

Weapon Production

Weapons and Armour: because weapon makers collect wood and iron from the stockpile and then deliver the finished products to the armoury, optimal placement is between the stockpile and the armoury (opposite to the granary or in a triangle formation) to allow the dairy farms to be near the tanner as well.