Military Walkthroughs

by Jayhawk unless otherwise stated

This section contains the walkthroughs for the scenarios of the miltary campaign.
In this campaign you will meet the likes of Duc de Puce and Duc Beauregard. The campaign revolves around you getting revenge for the murder of your father at the hands of four ducs who banished the rightful king.

Note: The walkthroughs were played on Normal difficulty. Objectives are the same in the various difficulties, but Secateur confirmed that the number of enemy soldiers varies with the difficulty. When the Easy difficulty would send 5 soldiers, the Normal will send 10, with 15 for Hard and 20 for Very Hard difficulty respectively.

Each walkthrough has a link to a map showing you the finished scenario. This may be of help if you are stuck with the scenario.

Military Campaign Mission Overview

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3: Fighting Alone

Act 4: For King and Country