Mission 12 – The Ransom

Base map

Start date: January 1189?



  • Acquire 3,000 gold


  • Acquire 6,000 gold


  • Acquire 9,000 gold

Very Hard

  • Acquire 12,000 gold

Your spies have reported that the Snake has been ferrying gold into one of his counties where he is hastily erecting a castle. Launch a surprise attack so you can take his gold for yourself. We have sent along some tunnelers to help you take the castle.



  • 14 archers
  • 9 spearmen
  • 41 macemen
  • 9 crossbowmen
  • Once you take the castle 1,000 gold




The Pig has killed Lord Woolsack and taken one of your counties, while Sir Longarm is trading the king for a ransom, a ransom that you have to acquire.
To do this you will have to run your first real siege, taking a well defended castle with a small number of troops. Once you have taken it you’ll need to work on your economy and face yearly attacks by the Snake. These normally consist of a medium sized force with ladders, a dozen macemen and a score of crossbowmen, but every few years he will send in a double sized force.

The start date of the scenario is unclear as you do not get a date counter until you conquer the castle, I assume I did take more than a month to do so.
First a maceman was sent out to find the reach of the enemy’s quarrels. Once this was found I sent in five tunnelers to bring down the wall in the corner next to the Keep. Once it was breached, small groups of macemen rushed the defenders.
The attack cost me 3 spearmen (killed by a hunter!) and 14 macemen.

As soon as the castle was mine, I added a hovel and some farms and ox tethers. Once this was done I put up walls running from the breached corner to the lake and the river, with a new gatehouse in the corner. To finish the wall I tore down part of the existing walls and towers and used the stone to improve my fortifications. Archers and spearmen were sent out to dig a moat to protect the lower lying reaches of the wall, while the upper bits were given added protection with crenelated walls.
This setup was good enough to squash the Snake’s first attack.

More military workshops were added as were a few more hovels and more food industries, such as a mill and several bakeries. Two more iron mines (all I could fit in) were added on the ore outcrop.

Several more attacks followed as I increased my economy and number of workers. Food production increased well enough to up my taxes to Mean level, while I started selling iron ore and maces.
I noticed a drop in popularity, so I added a shrine and saw the ghost walk by. Sadly a ghost counts against your population so mine started complaining about overcrowding. Another hovel solved this particular problem.

A larger attack by the Snake breached one of my walls close to the entry point, but this was soon rectified by my macemen. The walls were doubled in thickness and a tower was added to the hill top nearby.

After some seven years I had acquired 1754 gold. I used some of this money to add another tanner and fletcher and started concentrating on recruiting crossbowmen.

Another larger attack followed several smaller ones and the Snake’s engineers built some portable shields. However, this was not enough to allow them to even scratch my walls.

After nine years I’d gathered some 3013 gold and invested some of this money in another chapel and a tavern.

During the tenth year another double sized attack followed, but was beaten off without significant losses, although I kept slowly losing archers from the tower close to the entry point.
By now I had 3685 gold and had started selling stone as well.

A few more attacks followed and were beaten back before I had gathered the necessary 6000 gold.
My final army was 18 archers, 18 spearmen, 19 macemen and 44 crossbowmen.

Finished map

Total Losses: 31%
My Score: 12,146 (246 gold in excess of 6000)

At the end of the scenario, the Snake suggests a truce between the two of you.

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