Mission 14 – The Mountain Pass

Base map

Start date: November 1209


All difficulty choices

  • Eliminate all Enemy Units

Your scouts report there’s a fort built into the mountain pass up ahead. If you fortify your garrison here, hopefully the Pig’s horde will come to you. Our mysterious friends have sent more plans, this time for a large tower mounted ballista. This should prove invaluable against the Pig’s war machines.



  • 120 wood
  • 6 stone
  • 4 iron
  • 2 hops
  • 1000 gold
  • 3 bows
  • 5 spears
  • 2 maces
  • 1 leather armour


  • 10 archers
  • 11 spearmen
  • 14 macemen
  • 2 crossbowmen
  • 2 engineers
  • 1 ballista


Leather armour2512


A fairly short mission that lasts for about 9 years in which you face some four attacks by the Pig’s troops. His forces will consist of several squads of mace- and crossbowmen accompanied by at least 2 rams. The intensity of the attacks will increase as time goes by. The rams will do serious damage to your castle: each hit reduces the defensive value of a gatehouse or tower by fifty points.

I played around with this mission for a while until I defeated it with the following strategy.

First several more iron mines were added to make sure of a steady income. A market, wheat farms, an engineers’ guild and a few hovels were added as well. After these were in place, I set gamespeed to slowest (10) and tore down parts of the existing defences, giving me enough stone for some fancy new walls. Once this was done I sold all my iron and bought leather armour and crossbows enough to outfit ten crossbow men. I also recruited all the archers I could and switched the fletcher’s production to crossbows.
All available troops were sent down to the first gatehouse. A bare handful of macemen were stationed outside the gate to attack any arriving engineers and/or siege tents. Traps were added around the gatehouse.

Halfway through 1210 the first attack showed up. The macemen managed to take out the rams quickly but were soon killed by the Pig’s crossbowmen. The traps took care of most of the macemen, the various archers of the others. I did suffer heavy losses from the enemy crossbowmen.

After the attack I increased my recruiting and wood production. A mill and several bakeries were added as well. The troops down by the first gate were set to dig moats where possible, creating a small lake in front of the gate. While they were working I reinforced the second gate with more troops.

Early in 1213 a new, larger force attacked and this time the Pig brought archers as well. They managed to breach the gatehouse, but were beaten back eventually.

The next attack followed in 1215. Even with some of the Pig’s troops busy filling in the false moat, I had to abandon the first gate. His macemen managed to kill off the few remaining crossbowmen, but the quicker archers safely reached the second gate.

I ran into trouble by running low on food, and had to divert part of my income to buy food. Tax levels were switched continuously between Low and Average, while most of my income came from selling iron, maces and spears. The money was used to buy more armour to keep pumping out crossbowmen, food, and wood for more traps, of which I placed quite a few in the ruins of the first gate.

The final attack came in 1217 and was staged in several waves. The traps took out quite a few of the enemy’s troops and even the rams (3) failed to breach the gatehouse (see image). The waves were far enough apart to reset the traps in between. Note, this may have been because some of the troops were occupied filling in the fake moat.

Victory came in June 1218 with the last remnants of the Pig’s troops beating the retreat.

At the end of the scenario I had left one archer, 13 spearmen, no macemen, 28 crossbowmen and a crewed ballista.

Finished map

Total Losses: 58%
My Score: 9,200

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