Mission 7 – Breaking the Siege

Base map

Start date: February 1115


All difficulty choices

  • Eliminate all Enemy Units

Lord Maniken is under siege and it is vital to our cause that his county does not fall. Land by boat with a company of spearmen and command his garrison to victory. Success here may well spark uprising from some of the other counties.



  • 7 archers
  • 21 spearmen

No trade options are available in this mission


The first part of this mission is possibly the hardest. Your troops land as the Rat’s forces are attacking Lord Manikin’s castle. You will need to rush your troops forward to the walls as your lord is already in place on top of the keep. You can have three additional archers available when you retreat the ones outside back into the castle. The Rat’s troops are pounding at your walls with siege engines and you have little time before the spearmen rush in. Another seven archers can be created with the bows in the armoury.
After several tries I ended up with most of my force inside the keep and a handful of archers on the stone gate. This turned out to be enough to send the Rat’s men packing.

After the Rat’s troops retreated I built a three layer wooden wall straight across the approach and deleted the existing towers.
Next were two more farms, which you can actually build on the beach, as long as the little hut is on fertile soil. Three bakeries and two more ox tethers were next.

The next year I built a hovel and got a warning for an attack by the Rat. I reinforced the stone walls round the gatehouse with crenelations adding an extra layer of protection. Stone bulwarks, guarded by crenelations were added as towers to provide better fire coverage, particularly against the laddermen (see image).
A large force which included laddermen and siege engines attacked next. The wooden walls crumbled on one spot and soon the enemy troops were rushing up to the main gate. They were met by 17 archers and 19 spearmen who managed to quickly repel the invasion with the loss of a single archer.

During year four I repaired the walls, recruited more archers and added two more fletchers and a poleturner.
I then lowered taxes as my popularity approached 50 and I did not want my workforce to flee.

At the end of the year a new force of the Rat approaches. By now I had some 25 archers and 19 spearman placed on the two ‘towers’ and the gate.
This attack takes a while and during the battle I can recruit some more archers and spearmen. The enemy breaches the wooden walls once more and storms the stone walls where they are met by a rain of arrows and spearmen pushing back their ladders.

The first attack wave dies an ignominious death and while the siege engines are moved closer to my walls the archers slaughter the second, much smaller wave.
The Rat leaves in confusion.

In the end game story you can see the Snake wishing the Rat luck and leave for his own lands.

Finished map

Troop losses: 16%
My Score: 13,400

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