Mission 9 – The Rat’s Last Stand

Base map

Start date: June 1140


All difficulty choices

  • Eliminate all Enemy Units

Timed Mission

Defend the Rat’s castle against its former owner! It’s very badly designed so you will need to strengthen it. Time spent finishing his moat would be well spent. This is an excellent opportunity to finish off one of the Tyrants for good.



  • 150 wood
  • 80 bread
  • 8 spears


  • 10 archers
  • 6 spearmen




This is a fairly short mission, lasting only about four years; however, it will get you plenty of action.

You have about a year and a half to prepare for the first attack which consists of a largish force of the Pig’s soldiers. He’s sending spearmen, laddermen and a few engineers – enough to man three stone-throwing, siege engines.
I gave it a few tries and ended up with posting some spearmen ouside the castle and adding a big moat and a diversionary wall around the outside. Two fletchers were added and all available weaponry was used to recruit spearmen. I also fortified the outer wall (the corner closest to the sign post) and added a tower on the side. The spearmen managed to take out the stone chuckers before they did too much damage¹. The archers in the gatehouse managed to kill all the soldiers attacking the quarry which saved some 20 stone from destruction. I have to say this took quite a lot of point-and-click work.
After losing most of their men they ran off.

I found out I’d run out of wood and all of my woodcutters’ huts had been destroyed by the Pig’s men. By deleting a section of the wooden wall I managed to salvage enough wood to rebuild two huts and restart my production. This did mean I had to switch off my bow and spear production which didn’t make me too happy.
Once I had enough wood I built a market, traded for some wood and restarted my production.

In the mean time I added more wall and another tower which would serve as an advanced fire platform. However, I needed to remind myself to abandon it in time. Another party of soldiers was sent out to hide and ambush the siege engines during the next attack. I also started some farms which proved to be unnecessary, as you have enough food to last the mission.

By the time the Rat’s army showed up, I had some 30 archers and a score of spearmen². The siege engine destruction attack didn’t quite work out as well as I planned and I only managed to destroy one and damage a second. Meanwhile the Rat’s archers were picking off mine and his spearmen were busy filling in the moat and destroying my outbuildings. Stones kept crashing into my walls and I was very pleased when I knocked out the other two siege engines.
By now I’d lost a quarter of my archers, was out of money and was beginning to fear for my life.
Luckily, with the engines gone, my remaining two dozen archers were able to pick off most of the Rat’s spearmen. Soon after that his remaining laddermen fled.

My castle was a shambles and I wonder if I would have been able to take on a third attack. Luckily this was the end of the scenario and I got treated to a little movie showing me the Rat’s demise.

¹ on an earlier try they took out my granary and a hovel, causing my favour to drop to rockbottom.
² This was a very low number it turned out. Later I found out I hadn’t raised my taxes, so I was constantly low on money, which prevented me from either buying more bows or building another fletcher. Not a smart thing to forget.

Finished map

Total losses: 42%
My Score: 10,800

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