Wraith’s Multiplayer Strategies

These are some common tactics used in MP and some suggestions on defending against them. I will not be doing “rush tactics” as this is not widely accepted by the SHH forum. This strategy section will be based on a late period, with no unit exclusions.
For more up to date information and discussion of multiplayer tactics visit the Multiplayer Forum

Building up

Some players use a building tactic which uses walls, spawned out from their own castle, to the enemy walls where they employ ballista or mangonel, which act like an unlimited stone, crenulated catapult against your walls. Ballistae work against your people inside the walls, as they shoot right through them.


Prevention is the key here; once this has been built up it’s really hard to take out. Set up a few towers with mangonels on them, and have them set to aggressive. WATCH YOUR OWN WALLS, as they can tear you to shreds just as quickly!
If someone does happen to get them up, use crossbows on your walls to give an even playing field. Next, send in knights or macemen to shut it down.

Force rush

This is when your opponent sends in missile units and melee units to attack you at close range all at once, attacking your walls in close, so you can’t repair them. Many units line your walls and chip away at them, while the missile units take out yours, standing on the walls, trying to deal with the problem at hand.

The main problem with this is that there is just too much for your men to target. They can’t take out the melee units fast enough, and the enemy missile units take yours out too fast! Pitch really is the answer here, 5 tiles or so out from your wall. Leave 3 tile spaces, every 10 tiles or so, to prevent the whole thing going up at once. Also, moats help. This stalls the enemy and allows him/her to get shot at while digging. Keep your moats as wide as possible. Start building them as soon as you know how big your castle will be. When parts get dug up, redig them. QUICKLY.

Trebuchet Attack

When your enemy seems to have endless resources of gold, and decides to come at you with 20 trebs. This can mean instant death for your walls. Also, if they are in close enough, they may bombard your city with cows.


Having multiple exits is helpful. Send flanking knights to dispatch these prowling dangers. Macemen work as well, but are more prone to crossbow fire, which are usually guarding siege equipment. Attacking with counter trebuchets is also helpful. Remember, when using knights FLANK, don’t go straight in. Trebs that have come in close enough to send cows into your walls are probably in range of ballistae, hint hint hint… If all else fails, send out pikes, and crossbows, and battle back with that. Also, send a sneak attack to the enemy’s farms…

Riot of the dogs

So, your enemy has sent out 1000 dogs… close your gates… simple. OH! You don’t have walls? That’s your own fault. If your enemy is sending them, try to keep units close to his walls, as it will prevent him/ her from building more. Not much more to say here.